where do you source materials?

my main source of beads and other materials is vintage necklaces or grab bags of jewelry from the thrift store! occasionally i will source from local artisans or local small businesses to get specific finer or unique materials, as well as etsy if i see handmade beads i fall in love with. 

can i return/refund my beads?

yes! returns and full refunds are available if you email me at babysnakesbeads@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram.

what if a necklace breaks?

i can repair necklaces for free if you contact me through email or Instagram DM! i just ask that you pay the cost of shipping if we don't live close enough for a pick up.

can you make alterations to finished necklaces?

yes! for a $5 fee i can add or remove beads, change the length of necklaces, or add an extension chain.

do you take customs? 

not currently but i may open them up soon!

how do you price your jewelry?

each piece is priced based on a combination of a few factors:

1. how long it took to make (necklaces can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 5-6 hours depending on the intricacy)

2. the cost of materials (locally sourced artisan materials and handmade materials, as well as freshwater pearls and crystals, are much more expensive compared to a grab bag from ebay with tons of filler beads.)

3. material quality (a necklace with nickel or silver-plated chain will be less expensive than one with stainless steel or sterling silver, because the materials will wear down or tarnish more over time.)